Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was a good one. We began our mother's day at church. Kevin talked about moms and it was Really good. Patton had a rough time though.... 2 weeks in a row, maybe 3? He's teething. If I could get a good pic, I would. He has one tooth and 2 on the way. He has his top right fang and the bottom middle ones are both poking through. The poor guy is just in and out of pain. I think that it is so interesting how my boys are so alike, both SO different. Micah didn't get his first tooth until he was 13- 14 months old. The boy ate his birthday cake toothless :) He NEVER complained about pain of getting teeth, he just got them. Poor P is having a rough time. Nights are the worst but we can deal with it, we've been though worse :) Anyway, after yet another emotional Patton pick up we headed home to change. We celebrated Mother's Day at Nut and Jerms' house. We had Jerms' famous spaghetti. After lunch Mama and some of the kids played a game in the yard.... Looks fun huh?
We took some pics, visited, and had a good day.
After we left we went and looked at houses in a neighborhood where we had a moonwalk the day before. The neighborhood was so nice. The people were so nice. The people spoke highly of the schools (which is a big concern) There were only a couple of empty houses, but we couldn't get into them without a realtor..... So to dinner we went. Stacy could not decide where to take me. He thought we'd go to Long Horns. He drove to the mall, it was 5:00 and already Packed. I knew it would be... Then he drove to Outback, even more packed..... We ended up at Sho Gun. Our cook was really funny and put on a good show, the food was really good. We stuffed ourselves and finally went home. It was a long day, but it was nice to spend some much needed family time together :)

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Sweet family day!