Friday, May 20, 2011

End of the Year

Another school year has come and gone. Micah had a Blast this year at school and learned SO much. He knows all of his letters, can write them, and can read some words. We plan to learn to read real books this summer. Micah LOVES to hear books and is SO sad to not be able to have someone read to him all night long. He will be so much more easily entertained when he can read books by himself :) Numbers are his thing though. He's quite the counter and can count real high. I heard that part of the Kindergarten AKS is to count to 30, Micah is counting past 100 with ease. He loves to know what time it is and loves phone numbers too. He can do basic addition and subtraction. Hoping he's got some math skills, because I sure don't have any.
Micah's class had their end of the year picnic yesterday. It was a perfect day for a picnic. Micah enjoyed playing with his friends and I enjoyed chatting with other moms and watching the sweet children play. Micah doesn't quite understand summer vacation, no matter how many times I try to explain.... We'll see how summer goes.
Here's cool dude Micah in his visor and shades.
Patton visited with sweet Mrs. Scott.
Micah enjoyed his picnic with his friends.
He played ball with his guy friends.
He swung with his little girl friend. (Isn't she the cutest?)
We all got a picture of "The Triplets." Out of 12 children in Micah's class, these 3 all share the same birthday! How crazy is that?!
I got a pic of Micah and his buddy Nicco. And lastly Nicco and Maggie.
After lots of thought and consideration, (because it' never ending) We decided to keep Micah at the same school for one more year. They offer a half day 5K. I think it will be the best thing for him. He would Love to go to "big school," but because he is a boy with an August birthday, I think this will be best. Several of the children who have been in his class the past two years will be moving up with him too. We're looking forward to one more year there (unless I can talk them into extend and teach him until 12th grade :)


kristymasterson said...

Miriam-Your post made me jealous to raise my children in my hometown. I knew so many people in your pictures...Mandy, Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Boswell, Melissa's little girl. Geez. So sweet that you all and your children get to be apart of each others everyday lives.
ps...I am all for your decision to do 1/2 day K5!

Aaron, Kerri, Kylie, Karson, Kamden, Karter and Kohen said...

You will be so glad that you decided to send him next year! We did that with our Karson this year (he has a late July bday), and it has been the best decision that we have ever made :)