Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have always heard that things happen in threes. I don't know that I ever believed it.... but maybe now I do. The first of our threes began about 3 weeks ago. One of the things that we planned to do with our tax refund was have some work done to our vehicles. Stacy's truck needed a repair and we were going to go ahead and get a tune up on it also. When we dropped it off at the shop we quickly realized that instead of a $200 repair, it needed $700 instead! Thank goodness for our refund, but we were planning to not only get Stacy's truck fixed,but have some paint fixed on the Explorer, and get the keyless entry fixed on the van.....$700 on one vehicle and that didn't even include the tune up. The others have yet to have their work done. The next to the last day of school we donated a moonwalk to Micah's school. The children always love that, and it's the least I can do. I LOVE THE SCHOOL. Anyway, while Micah was at school, Stacy and I made a Costco run. We checked out and Stacy was loading the things in the Explorer when the back window wouldn't stay opened. The hinges were very loose.... It's easier to just open the trunk, but Stacy opened the window. He got irritated when the window wouldn't stay open and he pushed it up..... Probably too hard if you ask me because it shattered into a million pieces all over the place. I cried. I was sure that wasn't going to be a cheap fix. I was very embarrassed and knew that I wasn't going to show up at Micah's school with a non existant back window. So thankfully we had time to come home and change vehicles. Also thankfully Stacy was able to find a replacement window at a junkyard for only 75. When Stacy fixed the window, I couldn't help but laugh and tell Stacy that it wasn't over yet. I told him that I had always heard that things happen in threes. He told me to not say that and to be positive. I tried. On Monday Micah had a dentist appt. (Blog to follow) Stacy had pressure washed the house and moved all of the vehicles out of their normal homes so they wouldn't be in the way. We were running late to the appt and had to move the Explorer. I made sure that it was on the far side of the driveway so that it wouldn't be in Stacy's way. He backed the van out of the garage and missed the Explorer..... but he hit his truck! It was, and is still not a pretty sight. I am not a girl who asks for a lot. I just wanted one of our 3 vehicles to be pretty :( Maybe one day... (Another new blog below)

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