Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seven Years and Counting

Seven Years ago Sunday, Stacy and I walked down the aisle as husband and wife. We were able to go on a date night. It was wonderful. Stacy and I don't go on nearly enough dates. I love my children, but all I wanted for our anniversary other than to have my keyless entry repaired, was to go out to eat without having to say "shhh," or "sit down", and not have to be feeding a baby, while trying to feed myself. We did get to go out to dinner. It was by far not my top choice, but with our time limitations we had to settle for Macaroni Grill. We really enjoyed ourselves, and enjoyed being able to carry on a conversation without being interupted. Dinner wasn't that great and I was quickly reminded why it's not one of our favs, but there was NO wait at all, so that's where we ended up.... Now I know why there was no wait :o
After dinner we headed over to the mall. We had tickets to see Bridesmaids. Oh my goodness that was a funny movie! I could have done without the language, but I laughed hard throughout the whole movie. I would SO see it again, but seeing that we're on a once a year movie schedule, I'm glad we saw that one!
We headed home after the movie. Mama graciously watched the boys. Both boys were thankfully asleep :)
I didn't get my keyless entry repaired.... I'll blog about that soon. I did get some beautiful roses that after 3 days are wilting :( But I got Stacy a Basketball goal. He had mentioned on several occasions that he'd like to have one. When we had a gym membership at Fitness International, we played a lot.... Now our gym doesn't have goals (Not that I ever get to go anyway) Stacy was most excited... I told him that this was his Anniversary/ Father's Day present in one. He was happy.
We got it all put together. He and Micah played.
Then Micah put on a helmet..... so he "wouldn't get hurt in the ball hit him in the head." Silly boy!

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Jeremy and Laura McBryar said...

He will get hurt more not because of the ball hitting him but because he is wearing flip-flops.