Saturday, May 28, 2011

End of week update

This week we actually got several things accomplished. Besides wrecking the vehicles, and going to the dentist, we went to the country. I SO enjoy spending time in the country. We spent most of the day outside, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and got some work done. Of course I took some pics of our day.
By the time supper time came around, Micah was dirtier than I think I've ever seen him. We all showered, ate, and began our trek home.
The following day we did a good bit of yard work at our own humble abode. Thursday morning we all headed over to the Rent's to check out Party Jumps new equipment. Friday was family swim.... The first one of the season. It is always SO nice when Daddy opens the pool. We had a nice afternoon and brought Hannah home with us. We've had a wonderful week so far, and are looking forward to a fun Memorial Day :)

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