Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So during the past week I have been so busy. I have been going to the gym most every morning other than weekends. Patton was getting better at the end of last week, but after taking Saturday and Sunday off, it was like starting all over again this week. I feel so bad for the poor guy. He is the easiest baby, unless you leave him. I began a cleanse last week. Before the cleanse I cooked Stacy's favorite sandwich..... Thanks to PW I had one happy man :-)
We've been spending a lot of time outside and Stacy and MIcah have had a fun time flying their helicopters. Patton just wanders :-)

Last Thursday Paw Paw turned 87 so after I picked MIcah up we headed to the country to celebrate. Paw Paw has recently moved to an assisted living home to try to gain some strength back. He decided that he's like to come home for his birthday to eat beans and pepers. Look closely at all of the things he got excited about, it makes me laugh. I told him that I would NEVER request any of those foods for my birthday, Martha said "or ever!" Strange choices if I do say so myself, but Paw- Paw was happy to enjoy a tasty lunch with some of the family.The sad news is that Ginny made a birthday cake for Paw-Paw and he said that Grandmother always made his cakes, and that if she didn't make it, he wasn't going to eat it..... So sad :-(That sweet picture of Mama and Patton was taken right before Micah and Patton went outside. I was sure that daddy was watching them, boy was I wrong. Micah and Patton went down the hill and found the water. Water, dirt, Patton, and Micah= One muddy buddy. I was in the explorer and didn't have a change of clothes for P. I rinsed out his DIRTY clothes and threw them in the dryer. Thankfully there were some clothes for him to walk around in until his were dry, but LOL he looked like a little girl from the eighties. Poor P :-)
After lunch Paw-Paw wanted to go on a Gator ride real bad.... So did Micah, I never turn down a chance to sit back and enjoy a nice ride, so off we went.
It was a beautiful day! I love the country!
Oh yeah! On a side note, we went to Stevie B's a few weekends ago, and I hit the jack pot for the second time. We're saving MIcah's tickets, he has over 700!

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