Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No resolutions.....

I am making no sort of resolution this year at all, I do have some goals that I'd like to accomplish though. The first one I've almost failed, but it's not my own fault. I Never let laundry get out of control, but find that sometimes I skip a day. I plan on keeping all of our clothes clean this year. If you're not wearing it, it's in the machine.... It's just easier that way. The problem is, our machine broke last week. I had t decide, should we buy a new machine, or think that we'll be able to fix our's for cheaper..... It's all about money. Long story short, we were without a washing machine for 4 days! Our machine is fixed, working as good as new, and all of the clothes are not only clean, but put in their homes.
Just like everyone at this time of the year I want to loose weight. I just finished a 10 day cleanse. I have more energy and lost 6 pounds. Not too bad if you ask me. I have been going to the gym every day other than Thursdays and weekends. Patton still dislikes the gym in general, but through his poor tears reached for Ms. Pat the worker today when I dropped him off :-(
I really need that "Me time" and I know that P will be ok eventually..... Hopefully :-) Anyway, this time next year, I HOPE to be smaller!!
Thanks to Pinterest, I have been doing really good at cooking more. I have found a ton of things that I'm excited to try. Most are not low in fat or calories, but maybe if use portion control it'll be ok :-)
Lastly, and I began practicing this right before the new year. We'll see how it goes, but I'm trying my best to be kind to Stacy. I won't expand on that..... I can use a lot of reminders...... BE NICE MIRIAM! :-)

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Kelly Ford said...

What kind of cleanse did you do? I'm thinking of doing one. Not a month long one or anything, but tell me about this 10 day...