Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Morning

Micah woke up bright and early. Surprise Surprise. Not sure if I've mentioned how Early he's been getting up. It's between 4:45- 5:30. That is just WAY too early for me. I could go on about this whole sleep issue, but for now it's Christmas! Our routine is showers, clothes, breakfast, then presents. By the time the rest of us were cleaned and clothed, Patton was waking up. We had our yummy Christmas breakfast of Hash brown casserole, sausage balls, and eggs.
Patton helped open his own presents (Ooooooo) and was happy to get some new clothes, and several toys, but his Favorite gift was Let's Rock Elmo.
Micah, also was happy with his new clothes. He LOVES his new hats.
He got a LOT of legos!
I got Stacy and Micah both helicopters. Score!
Stacy also got a tool kit, some clothes, some giftcards, and the UGA Vault. I got 2 new pair of shoes, a gym membership, and some giftcards. After we opened everything it was to to go celebrate with the rest of the fam.
We began the Gingerbread competition 3 years ago. This is what the town looked like this year.
I made this church. Not perfect, by far, but being that I designed, baked, built, and cooked it all by myself, I don't think it's all that bad :-)
Laura and Jerms. Oh what a sense of humor! They actually designed their's after House, as in the Dr. I loved it! Get it Gingerbread "House" The most creative by far!!
I am so glad that I have such a fun family! Here's sweet Mama "all wrapped in love" with her grandbabies.Daddy and Christian both got helicopters too! I did get a real good deal. Laura forgot the decimal on Daddy's Home Depot gift card and although he only got $25.00, it looked like he got $2500!Rowan got a lot of dress up stuff.Aiden opening a purse that I got her. Mama with her trail cam that we got her.I also made her a glass block with pic of Patton and Micah inside it, with the words
The only thing better than having you as a mom, is my children having you for a Mam-ma. She teared up a little.
The gang's all here!

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