Monday, January 16, 2012

Coach Nut

Nut was most excited when one of her BFFs from school asked her to help her coach basketball this year. I was so excited and wanted to go see her in action as a coach. She sent out a schedule a while ago, and I never remembered about one game. I was SO happy when I got a reminder about an afternoon game last week. We planned to go right after nap, the problem was this is what I found when Patton woke up!Since he's been hanging out at the gym, he's had a slight cold. I plugged in a new humidifier during his nap on this particular day. When I found this awful scene I was sure something had gone terribly wrong, or that he had a disease, one. I couldn't even tell what in the world this awful stuff on his nose was. It was black. Micah and I were both a little (very freaked out.) Until I realized and remembered Patton's scratch on the side of his nose. He must have scratched it in his sleep and when he slept on his side, that's what happened. Anyway, after cleaning P's nose, to the game we went.
We got to the school right when the team was finishing warming up. I didn't get many action shots due to the fact that I had a baby in my lap, but here's Nut getting her coach on:)
Not only did the Rosbury clan come, but Daddy did too. Ms. Cindy goes to ALL of the home games and this time Jonathan came too. Nut had a BIG cheering section:)In other sad news......

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