Friday, March 23, 2012

More Caterpillars

The same boy who Loved caterpillars last year is at it again.
The little boy had been asking his Mama for several weeks "Where are the caterpillars?" His Mama could only reply, they'll be here soon. As soon as the first day of spring came the little boy and his Mama both noticed that there were new caterpillars in the trees. The little boy was so excited he couldn't even take a nap. His Mama told him that he could go outside and play for a while. It wasn't long before the boy had drug a ladder all the way across the yard because he couldn't reach the tent.
He wanted a caterpillar SO bad. But discovered that the ladder alone wasn't even high enough. He went to the garage where he found a "rope." Hoping that would work, the boy tried and tried to reach the caterpillars, but they were still to high.Then he returned to the garage hoping to find something else to help him. He found a long extension pole and returned to the tree. Again, the boy tried to get a caterpillar down but was unsuccessful. The boy's Mama who had been watching from an undisclosed location decided to help the boy. She climbed the ladder with the pole in hand and captured one lone caterpillar for the boy. He said that the one caterpillar was lonely and needed some friends. So the kind Mama gave him 2 more caterpillars. The boy was happy..... The poor caterpillars, not so much. The Loved their tent that they worked so hard on. The boy played and played with his caterpillars. His Mama went back to her chores. Before long the boy returned with a container FULL of caterpillars. Knowing that they couldn't breathe in that tiny plastic container, the Mama told the boy that it would be best if he transferred them to his bug catcher. Even though they didn't seem happy at first, they became happy over time. They even made a new tent.
To be continued.....

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