Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Micah has it.
He is pitiful.
I picked him up from school and he asked me "Has your throat ever hurt."
I knew something was wrong.
Micah hardly ever complains about pain. Ever.
I thought a nap would help.
It didn't.
He woke up after 30 minutes crying.
Poor boy.
I woke Patton up and we headed to the Dr.
He cried the whole way there.
He got tested for Step.
He has it.
Micah cried all the way back home.
We had to stop at Publix.
He didn't swallow at all. he kept wiping his mouth on his clothes. By the time we left the store, he looked like he had been in a storm.
It was Really Really gross.
We got home. He cried a whole lot more.
I gave him gatorade.
He wouldn't drink it.
I gave him his antibiotic. I gave him Advil. I gave him throat drops.
He is a new boy already, but still contagious.
So much for that shirt that I bought especially for picture day TOMORROW.
I will take him when everyone else has had their pics taken. This is the last cap and gown pics I will have for a long time.
Tear* I'm going to miss Child's World
More Tears***


Rosie said...

Poor Micah Man!!!
Tell him get well soon!!!!
- H :)

Misti said...

Awww, sweet boy. I know how he feels. I've strep twice in the last month. It hurts SO bad! I hope he feels better soon.