Sunday, March 4, 2012

Party Time

Micah was SO excited when he came home with an invitation to Caleb's Monkey Joe's party. He was a little disturbed that Caleb didn't invite Ms. Mason though :) All the boys in the class were invited and Micah began the count down at 8 days. Caleb likes Star Wars, so Micah knew exactly what to get him. Stacy was off on Friday so after we picked Micah up from school we ran to Costco to pick up some things and to have lunch. We got of stuff and were eating lunch when I heard someone say, "It's Sims' family!" I was so happy to turn around and see Karen Potts. I got the update on her whole family and visited with her and Britt for a little bit. I was telling her how much I LOVED Micah's school when all of a sudden Ms. Mason walked by too. Micah ran and hugged her. He just couldn't get over it. He said "This is the best day. We got to have Costco for lunch WITH dessert. I got to see Ms. Mason two times. And it's Caleb's party day. I can't believe it." We had a Gym Dog meet, the next to last, so Stacy told me he'd take Micah to the party so that I could go to the meet. We did Very well and were ranked #4 and were up agaginst #3 UCLA, and we won! I made a point to go see Sarah and her family and chatted with Larry and Ethel who made it on the kiss cam :) I had a good time, and so did the rest of my family. I asked Stacy if he'd take some pictures at the party, I knew Micah would like that. Some were dark, some were blurry, but I'm just happy to have pics of the night. Micah had a great time, and Patton was happy that his friend Jonathan came ;)

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