Friday, March 16, 2012

Puddle Jumpers

Even if you try really hard, it is almost impossible to keep a boy out of a puddle. Even MY boys who LOVE to be clean and spotless All the time ;) love puddles.
This week has been simply beautiful. As soon as nap is over we head outside and don't return until supper time. Tuesday morning it rained. Tuesday afternoon the Ice cream bus came for the first time this year. While Micah was taking his time deciding what he'd buy, Patton was thinking about exploring the puddle that had formed in the yard. The driver who has become a friend over the past couple of years, warned me that Patton was close to get into the puddle. I knew that there wasn't a chance at stopping him, so I let him play. He took a few slow steps in before going wild and crazy.
He played for a while and decided that he needed a water break. He thought he just act like a dog and drink some out of the dip in the basketball goal (YUCK)Micah finished his ice cream and joined P for a little puddle jumping. They had a BLAST, then Patton needed to take a break.
The neighbor's dog thought we looked like we were having a good time, so he came to visit. Patton watched for a minute. He likes animals at a distance, and did NOT like the dog coming close to him :)Here's Patton after his first puddle experience.And here is sweet baby Micah:)

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