Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Saturday

The morning began with Stacy making chocolate chip pancakes for himself and the boys. P LOVED them, can you tell? Due to the awful weather on Friday night, the party that we were supposed to set up at on Saturday, cancelled. I was thankful. We had several things that we needed to do. We played most of the morning, the headed to the bookstore. Micah is loving to read The Magic Treehouse series. We were ready for #6 and didn't own it. I called and put it on hold at Books for Less. We ended up getting 4 of the books that we were missing for the price of 1 at Barnes and Noble. We ran a couple of other places before coming hom for naps. During naps Stacy and I worked really hard on taxes. This is one of my least favorite things in the world. Being that Stacy is self employed, we have to save EVERYTHING. It's overwhelming to say the least. I made a dent in my end, Stacy still has a lot to do, but all he could think about was burning what he didn't need. We've shredded s some much before, but burning is so much easier. Oh and Stacy is a bit of a Pyro. It turned out to be an ok day weather wise, just a little to chilly for me. I hung out by the fire for a little bit before returning to the warmth of my house.I hadn't been inside very long at all before I decided that it was time to prepare supper. As soon as I pulled out the quesadilla maker I got a text asking what we were doing for dinner. I quickly put the quesadilla maker away and we headed to Dacula where we met Sarah and Noah for Mexican. Kyle was at a party and Sarah wanted some company. We were having a good time eating when I heard someone call Micah's name. It was Nicco's brother Joey. Micah was SO happy. He ended up leaving our table to hang with Nicco and his siblings. This turned out to be a really nice weekend.

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