Monday, March 19, 2012


It has been SO nice lately, Micah has been wanting to eat nearly every meal outside. That is not always possible, but we have been putting our patio table as well as the play set to good use recently for picnics. Micah had been asking to go to the park for a picnic for several days, then Eli's mom called and invited us to go to the park for a picnic after school. The boys gobbled up their food as fast as lighting so that they could play. They were both happy to see a boy from their school and they all played together for a while.Even Patton tried to give it a spin:)The picnic play date was a hit and it's already on the schedule for another day this week :)
On a side note, we can not go anywhere without Micah letting people know that he is five AND A HALF and Patton is one AND A HALF:). So here is that five AND A HALF year old and that one AND A HALF year old too:)

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Karen said...

We had such a good time:)