Thursday, April 26, 2012


I think sometimes it's easier to love someone than to like them. Micah has had an ear infection this week. The liking part has been hard. (Micah's symptoms for an ear infection are Extra wildness, he doesn't obey, he talks back....) To quote his teacher "He's been impulsive." It's been chilly. I think I have an ear infection, I've been in pain :( It's been a rough week. Through all of this, I'm thankful for the people who love my Micah. I am thankful for the best school in the world, and thankful that Micah does well there, and that they Love him. I am thankful for the Best Mama in the world. She called on Monday just to ask if she could have Micah for the afternoon. It was a calmer afternoon.... Only Patton decided that he didn't need a nap :( I am thankful for Micah's outgoing attitude. I am thankful for the Love that Micah and Patton share. It's sweet. There are a lot of things that I am thankful for, but today it's the sweetest worker at Firehouse Subs. We usually end up there on Sunday nights, not only is it one of Stacy's favorites, but Kids eat FREE, and that matters when you're having to feed 2 kids! For several months this particular girl (I've talked about her before) was extra nice to Micah. She Loves him and tells him EVERY week. She tells him that he's the most handsome boy and that she Loves his cheeks. She gets really excited when she sees him. It makes my heart happy to have someone Truly Love my son. Recently she has begun letting him help her. It started with him helping refill the coke free style machine (only the best machine ever invented) Last week he got to help hang signs on the door, and clean the trashcans. He was super excited, she truly has no clue how happy he was to help her. It makes me happy to see Micah happy. No matter how difficult, I sure do love that boy!

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esfeit said...

The Capes LOVE your boys, too. Truly, Miriam, both are precious. That Micah is full of life and like sunshine for us. I know life is challenging at times, but you have beautiful boys.