Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bird's Nest

Since Spring Break, Micah has asked almost every day if he could borrow my clippers to make a path. I finally gave in. Micah worked and worked at clearing a path in the woods. Then he spotted this....
A sweet bird's nest up in the bush. He wanted SO bad to see if there were any eggs inside of it. I helped him by clearing a litte bit of brush around the outside. I got a ladder, climbed to the top and saw 4 little eggs. Micah wanted to see too. He climbed and was SO excited that he got to see "real eggs" in a "real nest."  
I made sure that Micah knew the rules. DO NOT touch the nest in any way. Not only will the nest fall, but the mother bird will know and not come back to take care of her babies. I was sure that he would obey. It's something that we work hard on every day of the week..... OBEY. I'm sure by now you know that Micah's curiosity got the best of him. He wanted to see a little closer, so he cut a few more twigs. The nest fell. Micah was SO sad when he looked down and saw this:(
He tried and tried to make the Mama bird a new nest. Pine straw, leaves, sand..... I just think that if you're a bird in our yard you should build your nest higher.That's all. Poor Mama bird:(

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