Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Days 1-3

We have been SO busy since the Easter egg hunt last Wednesday. I just realized today, that Micah hasn't taken a nap since last then! He has been dealing well, but I can just tell that he really needs to catch up on some good sleep:) Last Thursday was Stacy's Birthday. The BIG 34. He had the day off and we got the air in the Explorer fixed and he racked up on free food. Stacy's parents came over for a visit. We had plans to go to the country on Friday, it was the first day of Micah's Spring Break. Stacy was happy that he was off so that he could go too. He finished putting down floors in a closet and in the laundry room. I blew leaves. A lot of leaves. Micah made friends with all of the men who have been working for Mama and even got to help one of the men drive a mini trackhoe. Micah was in Heaven. He LOVES tractors, big trucks, pretty much all work equipment. Even sweet P wanted to help :) We even took a quick trip to the creek to cool our toes:)We stayed in the country until after 7. Patton didn't make it to the end of the driveway before crashing, Micah was about 15 minutes behind him. They played SO hard. I love those country boys.
Saturday was full of moonwalks. We had one at a church that was hosting a BBQ/ Easter egg hunt/ garage sale. Micah was so excited. I am not a big yard sale person myself. I would probably love it, but I just don't have time. Plus, Most yard sales take place during the busiest moonwalk seasons..... Micah loved looking at all of the stuff and even brought some home.
Sunday we celebrated Stacy. He racked up on giftcards.
By the time we came home, it was way to late to have Micah lay down, so outside we went. Take a look at how big these boys are getting.....

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