Sunday, April 22, 2012

Field Trip

Last week Micah's class got to go on a field trip to Fire Station #14. They are the only fire department in Gwinnett county with a rescue boat. I was not planning on going until the day before. I never want to be the only mother not involved, but I also know that sometimes Micah behaves better when I'm not around. Stacy had the day off, so he came too. As soon as we pulled in and got out, one of the trucks had to leave on a call. 

First we went inside to watch a video. And then the chief talked to us, dressed up, and asked all sorts of questions. Micah was on top of things. His hand was constantly in the air, and he even volunteered to demonstrate STOP, DROP, and ROLL. 

After we took a tour of the inside of the station, we took a walk outside to admire all of the trucks, engines, and of course the boat. 

I learned a lot during the trip and even asked a few questions myself. The little boys played while the big kids learned;)

After the trip was over we had lunch at Pizza Hut with Micah's friends Hudson, Eli, and Nicco. Micah has wanted to be a fireman for a long time.... So he Loved this trip! He was on cloud nine:)


Karen said...

You take the best pictures. I think I loved this trip as much as the kids. And I loved our lunch afterwards!

Good friends! Good times! And a good model for Stop, Drop, and Roll...

Matt and Kim said...

How fun!!! I love going to the fire station to visit Matt!