Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Halle is FOUR!

Micah was Super excited to be invited to Halle's birthday party. I was super excited to go shopping for a little girl. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times.... I am meant to be a boys' mama. I would be BROKE if I had a little girl. There is way too much cute girl stuff, and man, I can get into some pink :) I even made Halle a sweet bucket to put her present in.The party was beach themed and filled with crafts and games. A yummy cake, presents, and a pinata.I just love this picture..... I just wish it was clearer.I am so glad that I met Halle's mom this year. She is super nice, and I really like her. I am also so glad that I saw and was able to talk to another mom at the party. I've known Amie for a LONG time and was able to talk to her for a good while about education and my fears about next year. She made me feel a lot better and actually confirmed to me that MIcah will be going to a good school. Although I am still nervous, I feel a lot better about it after talking to her.

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