Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break days 4-6

Getting the yard ready for an Easter egg hunt is quite a job in the country. Mama took off the whole week to make sure that everything was ready. The Rosbury clan planned to go help work on Monday. I let Mama know that our schedule was still up in the air. Micah woke up bright and early (5:30) Monday morning, asking to go to the country. I went back and forth, but decided that since we didn't have anything important to do at home, we should go. We worked hard all day long. Aiden and I put leaves into the gator and hauled them into the woods. Before the day was over Aiden had become an expert gator driver :) Micah and Patton enjoyed playing with their cousins. Micah also loved watching the men work. Mr. Ed got a kick out of Micah and even said he'd love to take Micah home with him! LOLI found a toad. The kids had a great time with him.I found a snake, but we kept our distance.Christian was going to cut the grass, but burned his fingers on the lawn mower, so I helped Ginny mow the orchard. Meanwhile Daphne rocked sweet Patton to sleep..... The day ended with hotdogs and smores (I skipped) Both boys crashed as soon as we hit the pavement. I slept good that night.
Tuesday morning jut a few minutes after I woke up Mama texted me to let me know the concrete truck was coming. I knew Micah wanted to see the concrete truck REALLY bad, so morning number 5 of Spring BREAK, we got up early and headed out the door, back to the country:)
We got there Just in Time to see the cement truck come down the driveway. Micah talked to Mr. Ed to make sure that everything would go smoothly:)
And then watched in awe and the concrete came, and the workers did their jobs.At one point Micah said "Mama, this is the Best day ever!" I asked him why and he said "because I got to the the cement truck, and watch the cement be poured." Oh, the little things..... I thought a beach trip might be nice, but if this is all sweet Micah needs to be happy, we're doing okay :)Micah loved watching the men use all of their different tools to finish the slab, but was super excited when Mama told him that he could put his hand prints in the finished product! They tried to be extra careful. And it turned our great!Wednesday morning we planned to meet Sarah and Noah at the Suwanee Fountains. Ater a quick stop by the accountant's we headed that way. When we got there we were the only ones there. It was perfect. Patton was just exploring when Micah tried to put him into the water..... That ruined it for P. He wanted nothing to do with the water for a long time after that. Patton played in the grassWhile Micah played in the water.And of course you have to stop playing to watch a train go by.And of course, Micah has to figure out what the worker is doing.... Patton did finally get Close to the water.Soon it began to get crowded and Micah couldn't stop talking about food, so we decided to leave.
We had a nice lunch outside and had a a great time with our friends :)

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Cecilia said...

The picture of him leaning against the post he looks so grown up. Micah sounds like a sweet boy!