Sunday, April 22, 2012


Micah was supposed to have a dentist appointment in December. Things happened, we couldn't go. I finally got around to making him another appointment. Dr. Kwon has a brand new office and it is a dream dentist if you ask me. I have NEVER enjoyed going to the dentist. I love to have clean teeth, but do not enjoy any part of the experience. I have an awful gag reflex that doesn't help things. No matter what time of the year it is, I am soaked when I leave the dentist office. I sweat the Entire time.... But back to Micah's appointment. Not only is Dr. Kwon's office the coolest, but Dr. Kwon is super nice. There is a tree house in the waiting room!
When I called to make Micah's appointment, I asked how early they like to see babies. Sweet Patton is approaching 20 months and they said that they'd be happy to see him. I wasn't sure how that would go at all, seeing how Patton doesn't even like ME to brush his teeth. He'll let Stacy brush them all day long, but fights me, and screams. Thankfully Stacy was able to meet us there!
Patton waited patiently

While Micah took his turn :)

Then Patton went. 

Both boys got wonderful news! NO cavities! Clean, shiny teeth! YAY!

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