Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Mama's dear friend Kay owns horses. She is a retired school counselor who now works doing horse therapy. She has mentioned several times that she'd love to have Micah and her grandson who is a year older than Micah come ride horses with her. I was all for it. She emailed me several weeks ago and wanted to set a date. Sure, I'm in! I knew Micah would LOVE it. Little did I know at the time, that she wasn't just going to let them ride, but she wants to help them and work with them. They are learning all kinds of things. She's worked with them twice now. And as of last week Micah was riding the horse in and out of cones steering the horse by himself. I was impressed. 
The first we got there a few minutes early. Here's Micah waiting patiently. Silly Boy!

Kay teaches the boys and has Madison help her. Xander and Micah did Everything together the first week. They were trying hard to work as a team. 

Micah LOVED scooping the poop! How crazy! I would have been gagging!
Sweet P loves to roam around. He loves to watch the horses, talk about them, and look for airplanes. 

The second week, although Xander and Micah worked together, they rode separate horses. (Buddy the pony and Sabo) They did all kinds of different tricks with and on the horses. They also had their fair share of waiting patiently which is not always the easiest thing for these guys:) We are so glad for this opportunity. 

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