Monday, July 9, 2012

The Fourth

Although our 4th of July was very different than those in the past few years, it was so fun filled. We headed to the Rent's around 11. Stacy fired up the grill and began to cook.
 The rest of us swam. The Rosbury clan skipped out on swimming, but Katherine and Josh (Laura's friends) and their babies came. Ms. Martha was happy when Brett called to tell her that he was coming to celebrate with us.

Micah loved the fact that he found SIX frogs swimming in the pool. 
Everyone enjoyed floating around in Ms. Martha's new additions to the pool.

Brett and Stacy took turns splashing us around.

Stacy helped Daddy cut down some doors. He got eaten by ants. He took some Benadryl and conked out.

Mama is still recovering and sat with us for a while by the pool under an umbrella.
We had Ms. Martha snap some quick pics of our family all decked out for the 4th before heading to Gratis. 
Although I have heard of Gratis, I had NO clue where this little bitty town even was. We didn't have a hard time finding the place either. It was packed complete with inflatables, food, rides, and even singers. I saw several people that I knew. 
We parked in a field that had just been mowed. It had obviously been full of briars because by the time we left, we were all covered in scratches and cuts. We took a look around and enjoyed The Gratis Store. 
Then we went back to the field where we parked and the boys played Frisbee, and football. 

We waited as patiently as we could, for as tired as we were. Micah was super excited about the surprise of glowing things that I brought. 
I thought that the fireworks would begin at 9. They didn't. Maybe 9:15? No. They didn't begin until close to 9:45. That was a long time for two tired boys to wait. But the show was worth it. Stacy said it was close in comparison to Auburn's. It was good, and our exit was even better. Last year when we went to Auburn it took us an hour to make a 10 minute drive. This time, our 15 minute drive was actually 15 minutes. Much better. Both boys were out within 5 minutes of leaving the field.

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