Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hodge Podge

We have been blessed to have Stacy work near home recently. He has mostly been in the Macon area or Alabama for a couple of years now. And although we don't complain about work at all, it's been really really nice to be able to visit him at work. We went to the library to see Llama Llama (Micah loved him..... Patton, not so much) After story time, we headed to visit Stacy.

We've spent some time in the country recently. One day Daddy and I worked real hard on cleaning off the fence. Then I helped Mama in the garden. We found ALL kinds of things!
I was recently told "You have to pick your battles." I never thought a lot about the saying until it was actually said to me. It clicked. I worry a lot about Micah. I want him to be a perfect well behaved child. The problem is every child, no matter who it is has some issue or another. I have tried to begin "picking my battles." Some days it's easier than others. Meanwhile I also had some advice on positive reinforcement. We've tried this in the past. It worked for a little while with a sticker chart. Then it worked for a little while with the paper chain in his bedroom..... Well it's that time again. This time we're doing a "treasure box." If he has obeyed and had a good week, Friday is treasure box day. This is our third week doing this. I missed taking pics last week, but I got this  one of happy Micah choosing a Lego man the first week. 
Micah was Super excited to find this mother load of frogs at the pool the other day. 
And I was Super excited when my stock of Bath and Body Works for the year came in the mail.
Last week when we were at Mama's, Micah found a book. He asked if he could have it and Mama told him that he could. He chose it for his bedtime book. We read a chapter. Stacy was asleep in 5 minutes. Micah enjoyed my edited version and loved the fact that "it is a REAL book" because it said things like State Farm and :) Although Micah chose the book 2 nights in a row, we haven't got to hear any more of it since last week.....

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Matt and Kim said...

I'm telling you, his K teacher is going to LOVE him!!!!!!! I love all of your Micah stories!