Saturday, July 21, 2012


I was cutting the grass a few weeks ago. Patton usually rides the tractor with me, but wanted to get off and play. Micah was playing in the yard so I figured P would be okay. They played in the sand box and wandered around the yard. I continued to cut. Patton decided to get back on to cut with me and I saw some blueish dye by his lip. I asked Micah what in the world it was. MIcah showed me and had me convinced that Patton had eaten some kind of strange berries off of a tree in our yard. I called Ms. Martha, texted her pictures and tried to decide if sweet P should go to the hospital. He acted ok, but I was scared. As the day went on Micah's story changed from "Patton ate a lot of berries." to "Patton put one berry in his mouth and spit it out." After talking to Mama and doing some research about wild cherry trees, I called poison control. The trees are indeed wild cherry trees. The berries look kind out like tiny blue berries (which Patton loves) What I learned was, although the berries themselves are not poisonious, the pits when ground up are. The only thing is, Patton would have had to ingest 100 grams or more for it to effect him. He was ok. Thank goodness! How scary.

Although he was fine, his tiny toes were dyed from the juices of the cherries for 3 days :o

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