Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Choo Choo Brayden is TWO!

Saturday night we had the pleasure of celebrating Brayden. That boy Loves trains. Heather emailed me several months before the party asking me who I'd recommend for a train..... I came up with a couple of people, and I think she got a great one!

At the very beginning of the party, the train wasn't quite sure which route to take.... and it got stuck. Thankfully with some muscles, the train got back on course:)
I think that Micah enjoyed the train more than the birthday boy himself, and only got off of the train long enough to eat. There were a couple of times that he was the only one riding. I tried to get him off, but was told, "We have to pay for 2 hours even if no one is riding. Let him ride." He had a blast and even dreamed of trains:)

Heather did a wonderful job for Brayden's first birthday and I knew that this one would be great too, now that she's not working "full- time" she had everything planned perfectly. It was top notch, from the decorations, to the food..... We would have so much fun planning parties together.... Hmmmm (a thought for next year:) 

We were so excited to see Noah at the party and I tried my best to take some pictures of the friends.... It's not as easy as it sounds.
What a fun party! Although I've been working on both of my boys' parties for about 2 months now,  since that party, I have been trying to rush and get everything done. Back to back parties are definitely a handful! But hoping they're fun!

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Jennifer said...

OMG!! I absolutely loved the theme of the party and everyone looked like they had so much fun!! I am also jealous of LegoLand! WOW!!! i MUST take Jonathan there. He would have a fit! lol. Beautiful boys Miriam!! LOVE THEM