Monday, December 1, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Just like everyone else, our family has been extra busy recently. Last week was fun filled, but I think this week will be a little slower. Last Sunday we had Micah's pictures taken for Christmas cards. I have always been happy with Kiddie Kandids in the past, so there was no question about where we'd go. This time we got the worst photographer ever. Stacy is convinced that he just came in from working at McDonalds and asked for a job. Although Micah did Great for Christie Martin's pics a few months ago, this time he just wasn't smiling....and the guy wasn't helping...I did most of the work. I have NEVER left the place without buying at least one of every pose...this time I only purchase 4!! Although I seem a little upset, maybe I should look at it this way...he saved me a little Money!
Monday Micah and I had a play date at the mall, then had lunch with my new pal Misti and her son Jonathan who is just a couple months younger than Micah. Tuesday was pretty eventless. Because of having to tile the laundry room, I hadn't been able to wash clothes for 3 days!! They were piling up, if you can only imagine the layers that Stacy wears to work, not to mention gym clothes. Wednesday I was able to borrow Laura and Daddy's washer and dryer to catch up on 2 loads. While the clothes were drying Daddy, Laura, Micah and I did some running around and also did some Sam's shopping. Sam's is so much fun to me...if only I had a little more money... Thursday of course was was also 2 days after our play date at the mall....Micah was sick and has a fever. I promise you, we can't go anywhere and play with children without him getting a cold. It was Thanksgiving day....the biggest eating day of the year and the poor little man didn't eat a thing! No breakfast, lunch, or supper. We had Thanksgiving at Paw Paw's house and ate some delicious food. Micah didn't eat, but had fun with Hannah. Thanksgiving night our family normally all goes to The Rent's for turkey sandwiches, but this year we had to miss out due to a boy with a fever. We hated for the whole Rosbury clan to be sick because of Micah. After everyone had left, we took Micah to The Rent's to spend the that Stacy and I could enjoy Black Friday without a sick and sleepy boy.

Our morning began a little later than normal. Out first stop was Kohl's and we arrived at 4:45. We hit Kohl's, Target, Wal-mart, Lifeway, Commerce, and mall or Discover Mills at all this year. Not only had we finished most of our shopping, but we were worried about our little man, and the poor Rents who were having to watch him. Stacy began hanging Christmas lights on the house Friday afternoon. On Saturday we put up the tree and did our indoor decorations. We took Micah for his annual Santa pics, only to find out that the Santa who we LOVE had a heart attack in October, he's recovering, but had to be replaced this year.....I was just sick to my stomach. I loved that guy...this one, although he looked great, was just okay. We watched the Dawgs loose and got to have dinner with my bestest friend in the whole wide world Sarah and her husband Kyle. Micah was still sick....maybe next time will be better. We had so much fun chatting and hanging, Micah was just a bit irritable.
Sunday there was the normal lunch at Mama's but we again, had to skip due to Micah's runny nose. We did a little bit of shopping, and a lot of laying around. I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing this week. Micah needs to get well. I hope that everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Jeremy and Laura McBryar said...

I hope Micah-man gets well soon. He didn't even get to enjoy your yummy turkey cookies.