Tuesday, December 16, 2008

*Singing* On the 3rd day of Tuesday Clause

Tuesday Clause gave to me a tape measure, a reciprocating saw, and some good smelling shower gel. *Done singing* For me, this year I think there has been a theme. The first week was lotion and shower gel, the second week a HUGE container of body wash, and this week shower gel.... we'll see what next week brings....body spray or perfume is my guess.
Micah's Santa pictures came back. I was very pleased with the way they turned out (despite the fact that it wasn't the right Santa) Please excuse the quality, the pic had to be scanned to share.

On Sunday, I received my first Christmas gift of 2008. I was so surprised and excited. My Grandmother (Mama's Mother) passed away in August 2007. Mama and her sisters went through all of her clothes and wanted to do something special with them, so that they could still have them. They cut the fabrics into squares and Mama had her squares made into throws, one for her, and one for each of us sisters as well as Aiden. The particular quilt that I got has a beautiful flower handkerchief in the middle. When we all received our quilts, there was one pattern that stood out to us all. It was the sheets that we slept on when we spent the night at her house. I have an awful memory, so for me to be able to remember something like that, it was very special. Isn't it pretty? Thank you Mama for this very special gift!!

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