Monday, December 29, 2008

It's been a while

but we have been SO busy! I feel like I needed to take a short break and give you the Robinson update. The 23rd it happened....we lost our bestest most favorite neighbors in the whole wide world! It was so sad. Now, in our small neighborhood we have 2 forcloseres, 2 houses not lived in for sale, and 1 lived in house for sale! It's crazy for me to think that a year ago all those house were full (except for the one across the street...the people disappered after not even 6 months!) Anyone looking for a house? Anyway the Avila Family will be missed greatly!! It was not only a sad time for their family, but mine as well. Here's a picture of Micah and Lucas playing (they gave us the four wheeler when they left YAY!!)
On the night of the 23rd we did our annual Christmas goodie making. Mama and us sisters have done it for many many years....this year we got to enjoy Micah's company for part of the time....It was fun, if you can only imagine :0 On Christmas Eve we had our annual celebration in Banks county. There was lots of yummy food (especially chicken wings) and a lot of great company. I'll share pictures with you, but you'll have to understand that no matter how much I LOVE my new camera (that's not too new anymore) I CAN NOT keep my eyes opened for it. No one else seems to have a problem but here are some pics from Chirstmas Eve.
In Banks County the rule used to be if you were a grandchild/ great grandchild and had not graduated highschool, you had a part in a show...a bible verse, song, poem, or something that had to do with Christmas and it's real meaning. This year was a bit different...only 4 people had parts :( and Micah Man was one. His part was supposed to be "God bless us everyone," but he wasn't interested in practicing for that. So we changed it up a bit. We wanted him to say Happy Birthday Jesus, Merry Christmas everyone. But again, while practicing for that he would always say "Merry Christmas Baby Jesus." We just awaited hie turn to see what he's say. I was so proud of him. He said "Merry Chistmas everyone."

Christmas moring we woke up bright and early to a warm and rainy day. We were not able to wear our Tuesday Clause shirts this year, it was just TOO HOT!! This year we got Micah a lot of train things (Thomas), some play shoes, some books, and some cars. All he asked for was cars. LOL I totally surprised Stacy with a Wii (we've been playing a ton and my arm is sore) I wasn't sure if he was happy at first beacuse the first thing that came out of his mouth was "A Wii, I thought you might get me one, since you wanted one so much." That's just crazy, beacuse although I loved the idea of having one, I am normally a practical gift giver, not a Wii giver. Anyway, Stacy truly does love it! I figured out what Stacy bought me not long after he wrapped it. I was still SO excited and love my New Guitar Hero World Tour! We've jammed several times, I'm a pretty good drummer :) I also recieved a dehydrator (so cool) and some Cricut cartridges....I should be scrapping. After opening presants here we made the drive across 81 to the Rosbury house. We had alot of family fun, food, and good times. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from Christmas day. I hope you and yours had a Very Merry Christmas!!

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