Monday, December 8, 2008

Micah Man cracks me up!!

So, we're UGA fans and big ones at that....but for just one day (Saturday) we let (made) Micah say Go Alabama ROOOOL TIDE during the SEC championship game....(we very much dislike Florida). Well, Micah already has an obsession with Alabama...he says "Alblama" or "Abalama" He LOVES the song Sweet Home Alabama (the Kid Rock version...not kid friendly at all) and would listen to it over and over if I'd let him. He also has some state flash cards and knows Alabama (but no other state...maybe it's because it's the only one he wants to learn) Anyway, we went out to dinner last night and there was a football game on. There were not very many people in the restaurant, just us and 2 other families. Micah got so excited when he saw the TV he shouted (maybe it wasn't a shout, but inside of a small building with only a few other people it was VERY loud) Go Alabama Roll Tide! (oh yeah, it was the Dallas game) (Stacy and I are both wearing UGA attire) the few people who were in restaurant got a kick out of Micah, but I felt the need to explain myself to them anyway....Now we just need to retrain him.....One second we're teaching him Goooo Dawgs, the next Daddy's teaching him Go Tech, and then we tell Him Roll Tide...The poor little man is probably very confused, but at least he Loves football :)