Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stone Mountain Christmas

Last night we went to Stone Mountain Christmas. Stacy has been wondering when we'd go for a month now. He says it puts him in the Christmas spirit. Never would we have been able to go if we hadn't got a ticket hook up. It would have cost $48 (including parking) (not including food) for just our little family to go. This year we went with Mama, Daddy, Laura, my Aunt Martha, Hannah, and 3 of Daphne's children...Aiden, Ethan, and Belle. We all had so much fun. We got to see the 4 D Polar Express, the parade, the Christmas Laser show, and ride the Christmas train. Micah loved it all, but when I asked him what his favorite thing was, you will not be surprised when I tell you... the train. Micah Man was in Heaven. He LOVES Christmas lights, Christmas music, and trains, so this trip was perfect for him!
My favorite part of the night had nothing to do with the lights, Santa, or anything about Christmas. For dinner we went to a place called (I believe) Miss Kitty's. Stacy, Laura, Daddy, Martha, and I ate a one table, while mama and the kids were at another one. We were all enjoying our meal, when Martha made a statement about the height of our table. I hadn't noticed anything at that point, but before it was all over with, our table had risen to the height of our chins!! It was so funny! I'm sure I would have noticed a whole lot sooner if Micah had been at the table. He already sits on his knees to reach the table. If he had been there, he'd be standing in his chair to reach his food. Come to find out there was a switch that our waitress switched to make our table tall....anyway it was a hoot, and I think every restaurant should have one....I'm sure our reactions were priceless :)

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