Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sickness Stinks

Micah has been sick since Thanksgiving and I am tried of wiping that little man's nose. He tends to get colds very easily, but this particular cold lasted way too long, and he developed a nasty sounding cough. I finally gave in and took him to the doctor...He was so looking forward to it because he knew that he would get a sucker. We waited less than 3 minutes in the waiting room and were taken back, I was very impressed. We walked down the hall to where they take measurements and I said to Micah "You know what to do," he hoped up on the scales and was weighed. The Nurse was very impressed and said that she typically sees children pitch fits, cry, or not want to be weighed (especially children his age). That is so strange to me, but after hearing that, I was so proud of Micah. He has gained 1/2 a pound in 3 months...He now weighes 30.5 pounds. I think it all has to do with his clothing....he wore a t-shirt and shorts last time, this time he wore pants and a long sleeve shirt....So he probably didn't gain a thing....That's wonderful if you ask me :) Anyway, Micah was seen by the doctor who told us that he has Sinusitis and put him on the baby Z pack. (So I call it) He also had several shots because we missed getting them in November. He had a total of 4, one being the Chicken Pox shot. I forwarned him that he would have 3 shots in his legs, and one on his arm..I told him that the one on the arm would keep him from turning into a chicken...He got a kick out of that. Long story short...the Little Man lay there, got 4 shots, didn't cry, not even one tear. We know that Micah is a tough guy, but get this...after the lady was finished and was getting ready to leave, I asked Micah "What do you say" thinking that he would say Bye Bye...He said "Sasha" (Thank you) I cracked up and asked the nurse if anyone had ever thanked her for giving them shots. She laughed and said no, then went to share her experience with everyone else in the office....Micah gets known wherever we go if seems. When I worked at the Fort there were some children that I just LOVED and would say that I would love to stick them in my pocket and take them home with me (a wonderful compliment if you ask me) Well yesterday at the doctor the Nurse said Micah the same just made me smile...."He's a good un."
When Stacy came home from work he asked Micah what he did at the doctor and Micah replied, "get sucker" then Stacy said, "What else did you do?" Micah said, "Doctor shot me." We laughed so hard.
Last night we had dinner with Daddy and then had to go fill Micah's prescription. We went to Wal-Mart. Since we'd already been 2 times this week, I had nothing that I needed to look at or buy, so we walked around for 15 minutes. Micah found his way to the toy section and was happy. He found a Little Einstein's video that he carried around with him for a little while, but as soon as he turned the corner and found the books he was in heaven. He gave me the DVD and told me to "put it away" and he chose a Thomas the train book instead. I let him carry it around thinking I would sneak it away right before we paid, but Stacy said that he deserved it for being so brave at the doctor....We bought it....and have already read it 4 times since then.


Jeremy and Laura McBryar said...

He's a hoot! I am so glad he won't turn into a chicken. I love it when he says sasha too. I'm jealous you ate with daddy. Why wasn't I invited this time?!

Cecilia said...

You have a brave and sweet little man, what a good combination!

Josh and Donna said...

sorry to hear he's sick, but it sounds like he's handling it better than i do when i'm sick!