Friday, December 23, 2011

Advent Calendar

We did an Advent Calendar this year. Micah had been scoping them out for a while. He found several that he liked. There was one at Target that we both really liked. One day he and Stacy went shopping and came home with this.
Stacy was very proud of it and the price that he got it for. I thought it was pretty cheesy myself, but it did the job. I filled each day with something special. Not candy, or treats per say, but fun things to do.
I've had several people ask me for some ideas. Here are a list of some of the things that filled our days up until Christmas....
Put a large sign on top of the trashcan thanking the trash men.
Call family members to tell them that you love them. (One of Micah's favorites)
Buy lunch in the drive thru for the car behind you
Make a thank you card for the police and deliver it
Santa Pictures
Leave a note with a treat for the mail lady
Tape money to a coke machine
Take an apple to your teacher with a note telling her how special she is
Decorate cookies
Go to your favorite store and deliver candy canes to the workers (Micah LOVED this.... pics to follow)
Read the story of Jesus' birth
Tape quarters to bubble gum
Make ornaments
Take a few minutes to hold the door for others (Micah Always loves to do this)
Wear new Christmas PJs
Write a note to a friend telling them why they are special
Take cookies to the fire station (He LOVED this)
Look at Christmas lights
Live Nativity
Wrap presents
Decorate a gingerbread house Send Christmas cards
Do a Christmas craft
Watch a Christmas movie
Due to the fact that our normal day consists of Micah going to school, coming home, eating lunch, taking a nap, playing, eating supper, and going to bed, some of our days were combined with others. Micah chose to deliver candy canes to the workers at the "iPad Store" It's only his favorite place. Micah made these guy's night. One even requested a picture with Micah, so sweet!
After that we headed to the bubblegum machines with a bag full of quarters. Micah taped on quarter by quarter, then we hung out and watched people be surprised. It just made Micah smile so big. He loves to give.
Micah was super excited to deliver cookies to our local firemen. He even wore his fireman shirt. We had to try this one twice. The first night we went, the station was empty, no one was there, not even a truck. Micah was bummed, but was so happy to go the following day.
Thinking that this went over extra well and will be our new tradition.


Josh and Donna said...

what great ideas! such a fun way to mold a compassionate spirit in your boys!

Kelly Ford said...

I LOVE This! WIll you try to remember to re-post a link to this next year?! Please?!!!!