Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas eve

We headed to the country for Christmas Eve. The majority of the family was there which was different. I saw some of my family that I havent seen in years. After we ate, the 3 children said their parts. Ian was first and said John 3:16
Micah was next with a poem called The Greatest Gift of all
If you seek a special gift
The greatest gift of all
Don't look beneath your tree
It was never there at all
The greatest Christmas gift
Was given to us all
The Christ Child in a manger
In a lowly cattle stall

Hannah read the Christmas story.
After that was time to sing the 12 days of Christmas. Micah was SO proud to have his own part this year. He got 6 geese a laying and after his first, and second, and third times getting to sing his part, he kept saying "I got to do it all by myself." He was So happy.That was only the beginning of the happiness though. Uncle Don drew Micah's name this year and everything that he bought was Perfect. Every single gift that Micah received was followed by "OH MY!" He truly racked up. He got a lego dump truck, a lego garbage truck (both are right up his and Don's alley!) He got a Huge bucket of chalk, and a model Caterpillar bulldozer.
Patton and sweet Caroline got to enjoy each other for a few minutes. It sure was sweet while it lasted.....
Daddy invited Stacy's friend Matt. He was So happy to go and bought himself and Micah nerf guns. After presents, if you were looking for the boys, they were in the yard having a battle. Even sweet P got in on the action..... helping pick up bullets, that is :-)
After a fun afternoon we headed home to unload and rest for a few.As soon as it got dark enough we headed back out to look at Christmas lights.
We saw some, looked for some more, and ended up having supper at McDonald's. It was the ONLY thing still open! YUCK! I haven't eaten lunch or supper there in a year+ since my galbladder issues. I have had breakfast, but how can you go wrong with a biscuit? I had a snack wrap and by the time we were finishing the workers were pretty much trying to kick us out. We decided that it was past time to be home anyway. I finished my gingerbread church, white elephant gift, and to bed we went.

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