Thursday, December 22, 2011

Photo Op

This morning I had a few places to run in Buford. I picked up my last personalized gifts, exchanged some shoes, and bought yet another roll of ribbon. It's not surprising that my baby who doesn't speak very much can say Hobby Lobby pretty clearly. We are there almost twice a week. I LOVE that store! While we were in Hobby Lobby Stacy called me and asked what we were doing (nothing out of the ordinary) This happens all of the time. I told him what we had accomplished so far and that we were almost finished. When we headed to the car, who did we see? Stacy surprised us! I haven't seen him very much recently. He has been SO busy lately. It was a sweet surprise. It was nearly lunch time, so after a quick trip to the mall to return yet some more items, we headed to one of our favorite Mexican places to eat. Since Stacy has not had a day off in a Long time, he had not done any shopping. He and Micah headed shopping and went to visit his dad in the hospital (he's about to have open heart surgery) Patton and I stayed home. I got a good bit accomplished, but also had some fun taking pics of Sweet P. They are not at all what I was hoping for, he was sleepy, maybe another day I can get some better ones. But for now this can help get us in the Christmas spirit :-)


Kelly Ford said...

my FAVORITE is the last one!

Misti said...

I was going to say the same as Kelly. Love it!