Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Allergies/ Adenoids

Micah has had a pretty much non-stop runny nose since he turned 3. We went through several rounds of antibiotics, nothing helped. We were sent to an allergist, he was tested for everything that they could test a 3 year old for. The only thing he had an issue with was roaches. Not a reason for a constant runny nose if you ask me. We then went to the ENT. He thought a stronger antibiotic, nasal spray, and a humidifier would knock it out. Not true. We went through 2 rounds with him.... Note, this was all happening over the period of time when I was newly pregnant and very sick. The ENT finally decided that we could remove his adenoids if we wanted to. He said it "could" fix the issue, but there was no guarantee. We decided that we'd talk about it and decide. We never did anything about it. The more I thought about it, I got scared. Stacy was all for it, but if it's not a guaranteed thing, I have a hard time with my baby having surgery. Things here began getting rough around here a while back. Micah has become extra moody, disrespectful, and I have been having a real hard time dealing with him. We decided that we would try Dr. Alexander. He has been a life saver for us in the past. I haven't seen any major changes yet, but I am VERY hopeful. Since Micah began treatments he has began waking up Extra early, as in between 4:45-5:30. That is Way too early for me. When he first began doing this he would go into the living room and watch Curious George, or play on PBS kids on the computer. Neither of those are quiet things, and I was trying to sleep. Plus Micah does not do well with extended screen time. By the time I would get up in the morning, Micah was already a wreck, due to screens. We decided to start a paper chain. For every morning that Micah stays in his room in the morning, he gets a ring. There are other times that he can earn rings throughout the day. Bed time had been very difficult, but the chain has changed that too. Micah loves watching it get longer. It is actually working!!
Just the other morning when I got up, Micah was not in his room. I found him in Patton's room. They had a whole lot of books all over the place. Micah was so excited to let me know that he found out the reason he has a runny nose....
Of all of the books, and all of the pages in this book, Micah found an article on adenoids......I think it is extra crazy, but is it a sign???

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