Tuesday, December 6, 2011

As Random as it gets

Micah LOVES taking pictures. Since I have basically done away with my little camera and use my phone all the time, Micah has taken it upon himself to put my camera to good use :-)
When he's not using my camera, here's one he made himself.... He had to use my camera to take pictures of it though. But Seriously, how creative was this?!
"It looks just like a turkey doesn't it Mama?"
Patton is the silliest of all sillies. Most of the time you can find him wearing Something on his face wether it be sunglasses or goggles. Micah loves to take pictures of Patton.
Sometimes he even sets up a whole photo shoot area :-)
Micah found this the other day and said "Mama, we HAVE to take this to We Buy Gold." LOL
Our Christmas cards have been sent, thanks to this sweet boy for stamping and mailing them.
We made ornaments (yet to be painted.) I didn't realize how bis Micah's hands were. If I hung his "ornament" on the tree, it wold tip right over. Sweet P's was the perfect size though.
Micah is going through allergy treatments which has been really rough, we're praying for good results in the long run. Meanwhile Micah has eaten a lot of chicken nugets, fish, and french fries. He told Dr. Alexander "I don't even like french fries."
I visited Daphne last week and saw this silly little gnome :-)
I have been doing online shopping recently. I got P's newest outfit this week isn't he darling?!
Of all 5 of the Christmas' that Micah has celebrated, he has Never broken an ornament. In the week + that our tree has been up this year, P has already broken 3! One of which was a wedding gift (Miriam and Stacy 2004) How sad :-(
I have put a lot of presents under the tree now, maybe he won't be able to reach any of the other ornaments.

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