Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Filling our days

I am always worried when Micah has time off of school. What in the world are we going to do to fill our time. Especially in the rain?! So far, we haven't stopped. We were so excited to go to Micah's friend Eli's house on Monday to make gingerbread houses. Micah and Eli are nearly opposites, but get along SO well. They had a blast decorating houses and eating candy, while the babies had crackers :-) Their houses turned out to be quite a sight. We had a whole lot of fun.
I was so scared of what our Dr. A visit would entail. Micah was being tested for minerals. If he failed it meant no metal of any kind for 25 hours. I was SO nervous. Micah passed! I was SO excited I had to jump up and hug Dr. Alexander. He passed the next one salt, as well. On to grains, that was quite easy. I'm sure he did fine on that. Tuesday was full of Tuesday Claus, and running from store to store finishing up Christmas. I think I'm finished.
Monday night P had a difficult time falling asleep. He ended up in our bed, but was fine during the day Tuesday. Tuesday night was horrible. If there had been a Dr open that late at night, I would have taken him. The boy screamed louder than ever for almost 2 1/2 hours. It was BAD. We tried ear drops, mylicon, and tylenol, nothing helped. Finally close to 11 (P normally goes to bed around 7:30) he conked out in our bed. We finally got him to calm down by giving him a book with a turkey on it and the iphone. I was slap worn out and I'm sure I was out before him. We had plans to meet some friends this morning at Chick-fil-A to see Santa Cow. I went back and forth over whether or not we'd go. I'm SO glad that we did. We had so much fun. BTW Patton wasn't fond of the cows at all!
After breakfast we headed to the Dr. to discover that P has an infection in his right ear and that he is cutting both bottom molars.
The poor baby passed out on the way home, woke up, had lunch, and has been out ever since. I always hate to wake a sleeping baby, but by now I'm wondering, if I let him continue to sleep..... Will we be dealing with the screaming again tonight? Hmmmmm

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