Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The BIG day!

Monday was The Big Day! Although I thought I'd be nervous, I felt good walking Micah into the school. I had Everything packed and ready to go the night before. I had my purse, my camera bag, Micah's book bag, lunch box, bag Full of supplies, and a sweet tote that I made for his teacher. I grabbed all of the bags, Stacy loaded Patton and I took a few pictures of Micah before we left. Just as we were headed to the car Micah's lunch box's handle ripped off! No time to switch bags.... We had to go!

 We got to the school around 8:15. As soon as I got out of the car I said "I feel like I'm forgetting something." I didn't realize what it was until we got to the front door. Micah asked me if he could hold the tote for his teacher. I said "Oh No! I left it in the car." Stacy went back to get it. Time was ticking. We made it to the class room. I had imagined in my mind that the room would be full of parents.... It wasn't at all. There were NO other parents. So strange. I snapped some pictures of Micah with Ms. Greene and at his table. I looked around and saw the other children coloring school buses. I again said, "Oh NO! I forgot his supplies!" What kind of mother sends their kid to school on the first day without crayons?! I apologized and told Micah I would run home and get the bag and come right back. Ms. Greene told me not to worry, they had extra. I just couldn't be THAT mom. We ran home as fast as we could and I grabbed that bag that I left on the kitchen table and took it to the school. Micah had already asked the teacher what was taking so long :( I felt pretty bad, but knew he was in good hands. 

I knew that the car rider line would be bad on the first day (for the first week for that matter) So we planned to get there early. Sitting in line, the gas light came on in our car. It was hot and Stacy turned off the car to save gas. We sat in the heat for at least 45 minutes.... Finally it was our turn. We pulled up with our nice "Robinson" tag, and the teachers brought out the wrong Robinsons. They finally brought Micah out and we were on our way. Micah wouldn't tell us a thing about his day other than "the kids were mean," his favorite things were recess and computer lab. The teachers told the kids that they didn't have to close their eyes at nap time, but they have to stay quite and rest their bodies. AH!! Sweet Micah who has gone from 1 1/2 -2 hour naps a day, to a Micah with a Full school day and NO nap has been quite a challenge thus far. Instead of eating at 6 and bed at 7:30 -8, we now eat supper between 4:30-5:30 and he's in bed by 6:45-7. I have been told that it takes 2 weeks to get used to the schedule. I am praying that he can adjust better for every one's well being. Otherwise, he's being having a good time. He's made a friend named Hailey and has chosen to eat school food twice. Today while I was in car rider line the PE teacher came by and said "Robinson, what's they first name?" I guess they have to ask now due to tag confusion.... I told her "Micah." To which she replied "Micah Sims Robinson!" I, surprised said, "Yes. Do you know him?" She told me that she had him in PE today. She said that he came in the gym and sat down beside her. She said, he couldn't wipe the smile off of his face. The other teacher was calling roll and came to Micah, but apparently couldn't pronounce his name. Finally Ms. Duke turned and looked at Micah's name tag and asked if that was him and he said, "Sims Robinson is right, but that's not my name. I'm Micah Sims Robinson." LOL The PE teacher got a kick out of him. Silly Silly Micah.

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