Sunday, August 5, 2012

Work in the country

Wow I am behind. The way that I can blog is to look back at my pictures and try to remember the story. I try to stay on top of things, but my computer is just tired. It's tired of me loading several hundred pics a week. It's tired of Stacy loading all of his music on it. It's tired of me working on back to school and birthday things. I guess it just needed a break. I deleted over 2000 pictures (gasp) Thankfully I have them backed up on my external hard drive. I still couldn't help but grind my teeth throughout the entire process.
Either way, now I can try to catch up on some of the fun we've been having. I'll begin 2 weeks ago. The Rent's have been working SO hard in the country to make it how they'd like to have it. They have done a lot of updating inside the house and have begun the renovations in the yard. "The Gathering Place" is one of the best things that they've built so far. It is SO nice! 
Although Daddy has been talking about laying sod for a while now, I mentioned to him a few weeks ago that Mama thought it would be fun if I had Patton's birthday party in the country. The theme is construction, so I thought that it might be fun. I told Daddy that if he planned on laying sod before Patton's party then I would be more than willing to help :) Well before I knew it, he had ordered 7 pallets of sod and had planned a "Sod laying party." We all headed to the country for a day of hard work. 
We worked real hard while the children played real hard. 
Although I don't have any pictures of the finished project, here is one before.

After the sod was down the little people played and played in the sprinkler. They got SO dirty, but everyone had a great time..... Even Aiden:)
Micah loves Mr. Phillip and was so glad that he came to visit. Micah asked if he could play on his track hoe, he was more than willing to let the kids play on it. He is SO good with kids! All of the cousins took turns "driving" and Patton even tried out the bucket.
It was a long day and we worked really hard, but the place looks Awesome! We WILL be having P's party there and I think it will be Perfect! And these guys think so too!!


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