Monday, August 6, 2012

Birthday celebration Days 1-3

In May we began a tradition of hanging out with some of our friends once a month. Each family takes turns planning the event. July was Sarah and Kyle's month and with only a couple of days left in the month, they planned a cook out. Sarah opened up the event and invited a couple other families. We were all so excited that Kim came and brought Reagan. She was the most pleasant, happiest little thing. 
We all had a good time. Kyle cooked, so we were well fed. Micah and Maggie were so cute sitting together at the table for dinner. Micah was quite the gentleman minus his shirt which was involved in a ketchup accident. 
For dessert Sarah surprised me with a cookie cake. Everyone sang. It was so sweet. I am thankful for good friends to share fun times with.
Stacy had to work Sunday, so we decided not to do a lunch celebration at the Rent's. We did end up having a swim complete with cake and ice cream. 

Laura was planning to go to the beach the following day and was in need of a hair cut. Mama, who is still recovering from her detached retina offered do it. She started, then Daphne came to relieve her. Even Martha helped.... I just took pictures of the wonderful celebration:)  
Our Monday was spent poolside. We enjoyed a beautiful day involving some UFOs or something. Since we had a week long celebration of Miriam last year, Hannah wanted to do the same this year. So after spending the day in the pool we decided that we'd go to Mexican for supper. We hoped Mama would join us since Daddy stayed in the country. BOY were we Wrong. We she came home she looked like this!
She and Ginny were bush hogging, getting ready for P's party and Mama was stung by yellow jackets, at least 6 times. She was all swollen and pitiful looking. She said it hurt to smile. Needless to say she didn't think Mexican sounded like fun at all. Martha told her than she should apply vinegar? to the stings..... Then she looked like this!

After little improvement Martha suggested some kind of baking soda paste. LOL Poor Poor Mama.

The night was finished with not only a yummy Mexican dinner, but dessert as well. It was promised to Micah if I could take a picture of my new favorite thing. His Squishy Face! Hilarious huh?!

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Jennifer said...

What a fun birthday! And that cookie cake looks DELISH!!! Happy 32 girl!

Oh, and... do you want to do a Mud Run with me? October 6??