Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Micah turned six last weekend. I can not believe it! I had a great time planning his party this year. Thanks to my Sillhouette, I was able to make a whole lot of things myself. I made the sign, chip containers, his shirt.... the list goes on. I made most everything. 
This party was a whole lot different than last year. Last year even though the party was at the pool, we played games a whole lot of the time. This year we played one game. I named it "Pin the head on the Lego man." Everyone decorated their own Lego head and then TRIED to put it on the man :)
Hudson won the pin the head game, and there was a tie between Jonathan and Laura for guessing the right number of Legos. Laura was happy with her prize!
People enjoyed being in the pool even though it was a little cool due to recent rain. 
Everyone who was invited came to the party, other than Micah's buddy Nicco :( and Ms. Cindy and Mr. Jeff. I had a fun time visiting. 
As I was putting some of the finishing touches on the party Amber and Riley came over for a visit. I told her all about my plans. She then volunteered to make Micah's cake and cookies! I was SO excited. I'll be watching her baby this year while she works, so we traded services. The cake and cookies were perfect for the Lego themed party.
Micah got a ton of great gifts!! He was so excited to get a pirate patch and I just Love his expression when he got some underwear for Patton Brown Bear.
The party was Perfect.... Now to plan P's in 2 weeks......

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Misti said...

super cute! I can't wait to use my Silhouette for J's party in October. He'll be 6 too. Crazy!