Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Week

Last week was The Last Week before beginning elementary school. It was ALSO the last week before Micah's birthday party. To say I was a little stressed would be an understatement. Last Monday I did a lot of running around buying the last minute things for Micah's party. I found out that Everyone who we invited was coming. I had to prepare for a crowd. I had planned to go to the park Tuesday morning for a play date. We had to reschedule because while Stacy was working in Alabama he came across a landscaper who was literally dumping pallet after pallet of sod into a dumpster. Stacy found out that because the neighborhood was so nice, they weren't allowed to put down sod that wasn't all green. Stacy asked if he could have some. He brought home 2 3/4 pallets of sod home. The deal was he had to work the next day, but needed the trailer by the following day. Therefore the play date was postponed and I with the help of Micah and Patton laid almost 3 pallets of sod. Although our yard could use another 6+ loads, what I laid is looking Great!

We ended up having a park day on Wednesday. We met Sarah, Courtney, and Kary, and kids. It was a beautiful morning and we all had a great time.

Wednesday night we were finishing up a little more birthday stuff and I got a call from Hannah inviting us to dinner. We ended up meeting Hannah and Ms. Martha at Kani House. Yum Yum. We told the waiter that it was Micah's birthday (it was only 2 days away) and they sang to him, gave him special chopsticks and a hat. I can not believe my first born is SIX!

Thursday morning we went to a consignment sale in Buford (thank you Kim for the tip) and were able to find some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle books for Micah. He was So excited. We went to the phone repair store and got Micah's iPod fixed (it's what he wanted for his birthday.) He got mad at a game he was playing months ago, he hit the uncased iPod on the wall.... He called me crying to tell me about it and told me that it looked like a "spider web." :( The repair was $50 and it's as good as new. Now to order an Otter box off of Amazon before anything else happens!
Friday, Friday, Friday. That was The Big day. It was Open House at Micah's new school. I was beyond nervous. I seriously had a hard time sleeping all week worrying about Micah and the whole Big school situation. I was sick as a dog as I walked through the front door. I finally found the classroom and was introduced to Ms. Greene. She was nice. She was really nice. I think that this year will go really well. I spent over an hour and a half at the school. I talked to Ms. Greene for a long time. I really like her. I think we'll be okay after all. After picking up my last minute embroidery things, we had lunch and headed to the pool. We spent the afternoon at the pool and headed to bed early so that we could all be rested for a Busy Busy Saturday.

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