Saturday, August 18, 2012

UGA Picture Day 2012

As always we have been super excited about picture day for a while now. Stacy headed to Athens around 5 for tickets. We left home around 10, walked around down town and went to the book store. After lunch we went to wait in the first line of the day.... The line to get into the stadium. The gates opened at 1:00 for pictures of Russ who has been filling in for Uga. We were some of the very first people in the line and didn't wait more than 10- 15 minutes once we were inside the stadium. This is how our pictures turned out....

P didn't love Russ. I didn't expect him to be jumping for joy, but I sure didn't think he'd be THAT sad. Last year the boys made it in the newspaper. This year they made it on the web!

After Russ pictures we walked around. We found Hairy Dawg.

We found Big Dawg. 

And then we waited to meet Coach Mark Richt. This line was a good bit longer. People got tired. But in the end I think we got some good pictures. We had a great time in Athens. I LOVE that city!

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