Friday, August 10, 2012

The rest of Birthday week

Sooooo everyone knows The Cheesecake Factory is my Favorite. I just love that place. I also love how they like to celebrate me. They celebrate Cheesecake appreciation day right before my birthday. We decided to celebrate with 1/2 price cheesecake. I invited the whole fam..... Daddy was in the country, Mama was still swollen from the bee stings (poor thing) Nut took off to the beach, yet again, and the Rosburys decided against it. Therefore the party consisted of Ms. Martha, Hannah, and our little family. We had a yummy dinner and even better cheesecake. Take a look at my card! Not only did I love the envelope, but I LOVED what was inside!

After dinner I asked Stacy if we could try to get some pics of Patton for his birthday card. I'll post some of those soon :) 
On my actual birthday we got up early and headed to Chickfila for breakfast. I was quite surprised to learn that no longer does our local restaurant give you a free combo on your birthday :( I may have even been a little rude to the girl taking our order (not on purpose, but she caught me off guard) When she told me at 8:30 that they give free desserts for birthdays now, I may have let "What good does that do me?" slip. :( I felt SO bad. 
I had NO idea what the plans for the day consisted of. Stacy had the day planned and it was all a surprise. After breakfast we headed to Spa Sydel. I had a Wonderful hour long massage. Ahhhh how refreshing. While I was at the spa Stace took the boys to a park. They had a blast.
For lunch we decided to use our free burger coupon at Red Robin. After lunch, Stacy took me to the nail place to have a pedicure and get my eyebrows waxed. I laugh and say that other than liposuction and a haircut, I was almost a brand new me:)

We finished our day having supper at a Mexican place near our house. They had emailed me a coupon valid only on my birthday. Although they wouldn't honer it due to the fact I didn't have a hard copy :o Oh well..... It was still a great birthday celebration.
We finished the week spending our days by the pool with pizza and more Mexican. The last night of my birthday week celebration ended at a new shop in Dacula. Cupcake Diva Girlz. What a fun experience to say the least..... I sure am thankful for good friends and family. I have had a good 32 years..... even if I don't remember a lot about them.


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