Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Micah learned this week

Every single day Micah and I have the same conversation when I pick him up from school. "How was your day?" He says, "good." I ask, "well what did you do?" He replies, "look at my papers." Come on Micah, I know that I can do that, I would much rather you tell me every detail. What did you eat for snack? Did you get in trouble? Who did you play with? Tell me everything.... I get nothing. I finally am able to get small details with every single question I ask. I figure it's because he's a boy. I hear that you can't get a girl to stop talking about her day. Well this is what I got last week. I guess it was when it snowed. They didn't go out to play, they watched a safety video instead. It taught about the importance of 911 and when you should call it. I have yet to tell Micah about 911, I know he's heard about it, they taught him last year too, but I haven't said much, because, well, Micah is Micah :)
I talked to Micah about the video and asked him when you should call 911 and he said
if there is a fire (good job Micah)
if somebody hurts you (good job again)
if you are in a wreck (yep)
if your shoes are on fire (hmmmm)
if your car is rolling down a hill (what?)
and best of all..... if somebody kills you!
I love that boy!

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