Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Field Trip

Micah's went on his very first field trip last week. He was so excited about it and counted down everyday. His class loaded up in the van and took a trip to Publix. The toured the store and learned about the different sections and wat they did there. He liked seeing the big cooler, but his favorite thing was the "treat bag." Each cild was given a brown paper bag with a coloring book and a banana inside. We didn't make it 2 minutes from school before Micah had peeled that banana and was eating it! I wasn't sure how Micah's behavior might be outside of the school setting, but was told that the trip was very pleasent, and might have been one of the best ones yet! That alone made my day!

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Misti said...

How fun! I wonder if Jboy's school does field trips? Hmmm.