Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby Sitter

Not to be mistaken with babysitter.... We have a baby sitter. Patton has been working really hard on sitting up. This weekend he finally got it down. I still have to stay close, he's wobbly. He is growing up SO fast. He is far from a little baby anymore. He is SO big. He is still so sweet. He loves to smile, Micah can make him laugh harder than anyone else. He has found his voice and is not afraid to let Everyone hear it.... He is LOUD! But isn't he cute?


Misti said...

Oh.my.gosh! I want to kiss & squeeze & munch on those cheeks!!!

Cecilia said...

Aww, a cutie for sure! Do you have moments where you just look at him and wonder, when did he get so big? I'm with Hannah every day but I still feel like she grows overnight sometimes!

Jeremy and Laura McBryar said...

YAY for my little Squirt!

Oh and I love his outfit! :)