Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day

I LOVE Valentine's Day. It may really just be a Halmark Holiday, but I think that it is fun. I love all of the bright colors, candy, and love that goes along with it. Although, I have been pretty sick I didn't even get poor Stacy a card. Micah got some books and a Veggie Tales coloring book. Patton got nothing. I got iplay! It's a way to plug my phone/ ipod into my car and hear the music through the speakers. So nice. We all spent the morning at Micah's class party. The very first thing the class did was to paint and decorate a box that said "I love you because." After it was decorated they were to choose a person that they love and fill the inside with reasons that they love that person. After Micah's box was finished I asked him who he loved and he said "me." Ummm okay. "Okay Micah, why do you love.... you?" He said, "because I like to play with Bryce and Ashlyn." He loves himself because he likes to play with his nextdoor neighbors? Hmmm I did end up getting out the reason that he loves Daddy (because he tickles him) and he loves me because I let him hold Patton. Aren't I a great mama?

After the box decorating the kids had chocolate chip pancakes. We were so excited that Mr. Boswell came and brought Brayden. Brayden is my friend Heather's baby, and Ms. Boswell (her mom) is Micah's teacher. Anyway, her husband surprised her and brought her grand baby. He is so cute. He and Patton played in the floor while the big kids ate. Brayden loved Patton's shoes that tied, and Patton loved Brayden's shoes. They were so cute together.
After lunch the kids got to go outside. It was a fun morning, followed by a beautiful afternoon at Paw-Paw's house. Stacy has been working on his bathroom, so we tagged along. We ended up staying for supper and picking up a milkshake from the Checker's drive thru on the way home.... Romantic huh? I forgot I did get Stacy something it was this pic of P!

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